Wednesday 21st March

Nothing to do on Wednesday night? Same old stuff on tv? Looking for something just a little bit different?

Why not try…



The Compass Room, Bethel, Swavesey

We have all sorts of board games and card games for you to enjoy. With a library of more than 200 games we can find just about anything you want to play. Why not challenge us? You name the game, and we will do our very best to have available for you to play the following week!

This week we have…..


Medieval Colonia…. buy resources to trade for commodities… get those commodities onto ships to trade around the world… use the money you make from trade to collect precious relics to impress the rest…. but be careful how you distribute your workers to different tasks or you might end up paying the price later.


Work with the other players to tray and discover where Dracula is hiding out…. track him across Europe, and bring him to justice before he casts his influence across the land.


A fully cooperative game…. work together to rid the world of four different diseases before they get out of control and wipe out the population. It’s a race against time and against the virus.


Compete against the other vineyards to plant the best grape varieties, harvest them and press them. Then get them bottled and fulfil the most valuable orders. A worker placement game where you will have to de idea how to get the best out of the summer and the winter seasons.

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