UK Games Expo

It’s Saturday the 2nd of June and a few of us are here at the UK Games Expo in Birmingham. This is my third visit to what is the biggest boardgame show in the UK and Once again my expectations have been met and exceeded. The NEC in Birmingham provides a perfect venue for the event; the location and facilities are excellent.

This year I am aiming to reign in my enthusiasm for new games a little and come home with my bank balance more or less intact. That’s not to say that there won’t be something new on the table at games night in the next week or two!

It is predictably busy here even with the extra space of hall 2 available, and there is something of a different feel to the show…. not sure what it is yet!

This is the one game that has so far tempted my credit card out of my wallet…. Who Shall We Eat? A semi-cooperative game of survival on a desert island. I’m sure that there will be one or two others when I return tomorrow with Chris.


  1. Hi David, good to meet you on Saturday with Dan. He pointed me to the website to find out about the club. I will try and get over one evening soon.

    • Hi Graham, We would love to see you at The Games Table. I will try to remember to copy you in to our emails each week about what we are playing.


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