The Great Fire Of London 1666

The Great Fire Of London 1666

In most games, if you were the Green player, you might think that this was a pretty good position to be in at the end of the game. In The Great Fire Of London 1666 however this is not the case!

In The Great Fire Of London 1666 players work to control the fire, which starts in Pudding Lane, and try to move it so that it consumes the properties of the other players whilst leaving their own properties standing. As you can see from this ending position the other four players were all very successful at burning down my green properties!

The Great Fire Of London 1666 relies on some random, but fair, distribution of properties at the start of the game and allows for players to keep secret the property colour that they actually own. Mobilising the retained fire crews allows you to try and subdue the fire, whilst manouvering the fire into regions that also contain black tokens can give you an opportunity later to build firebreaks in other regions to protect those regions where your own properties are located.

Needless to say that I was playing Green, and came in a distant last in this play through!



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