Games Night

Citadels and Azul

An entertaining evening playing a classic that dates back to 2000 and a new game which is just about impossible to get hold of at the moment, and perhaps destined to become a modern classic.


The great thing about Citadels is that within its fairly simple games mechanics lies huge potential for player interaction, which suits our gaming group very well. We opted to use one of the preset setups – Vicious Nobles ‘This list is a no-holds-barred fight of
harsh intrigue and brutal aggression. Not for the faint of heart…’ The Cardinal and the Navigator proved to be very popular as cards and cash were both difficult to get hold of, and even more difficult to retain. Despite a fairly balanced game for several rounds Jonathan managed to jump the rest of us for three rounds and claimed a convincing victory with a final flourish from the Magician and a score of 36 points.


Three of us hung on for a quick game of this deceptively simple abstract tile game. AT first glance it can appear to be a very straightforward game of maximising your tile collecting in a structured and planned way, but it quickly becomes clear that much of your attention is taken up watching what the other players are trying to collect and doing your best to scupper their ambitions, even if it means sacrificing your own best laid plans. Despite a strong effort from David and Derek to stitch Sam up with some big penalty points for picking up excess tiles, he stole the game with the bonus from two horizontal lines.


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