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Games For All The Family

Some members of the group are currently playing games online on Wednesday evenings. We hope to be back around the games table soon.

The Games Table

Games Night

Next Meeting - Wednesday 23rd October
Wednesday nights are when we have our regular, main meeting.
Numbers vary depending on availability, but we usually have enough gamers to play one or two games, and we invite those attending to offer suggestions about what to play.

Games Library

David has a collection of more than 250 board games which are available for use on games night, and he is very happy to lend them out to gamers who would like to borrow one or more.
This is a good way to find out if you like a game before committing to buying it for yourself.

You can see details of David's collection here:
The username is: dandlmann

Games Days

Our last Games Day Special was on Saturday 7th September, when we played the interactive, cooperative game - UBOOT.
Watch out for news of other Games Days.

Dungeons & Dragons

A handful of our gamers have some RPG experience, or an interest in playing RPG's so David has taken on the role of Dungeon Master.There has been one short adventure evening and now he is preparing a new campaign using D&D 5e. We have a fantastic digital table and miniatures and use D&D Beyond to facilitate play.


We are very fortunate in having in Cambridge one of the largest board game outlets in the region.
Our Local Friendly Games Store, Heffers Bookstore, stocks a very large selection of games of all varieties and themes and is well worth a visit if you are looking for something new.


You can keep in touch with what is happening at The Games Table on our Facebook page:

Contact Us

113 Middle Watch, Swavesey
Cambridgeshire CB24 4RP

07886 917 374

David Mann - the group organiser